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After leaving Canada in 2011 to help the earthquake devastated city of Pisco, Peru, I was fortunate enough to help rebuild the city. Pisco, the city that suffered an 8.0 Magnitude earthquake in the evening was almost forgotten as the capital Lima, wasn’t aware of the damage until a few days after. Thinking I was going to stay there for only 2 weeks, it was 2 months as the time flew while I was building hospitals, houses, parks and teaching English to locals.

Coming back to Canada and wanting to help out the charity and non-profit sector, I realize that there are over 80,000 charities in Canada alone and donating or choosing one charity to help with is difficult when many causes are admirable. Doing my research I found that all

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charities need money and some charities are more in need than others at various times of the year. Thus, it led me to co-founding the organization with Fatema Zaman in July of 2012 to help the most-needed charities. Chaara is a bengali word for seed, thus we are all aiming to plant our seed of giving, with hopes that one day it can do more when we work together. Together, we can make give regardless of our income. With our 1% together, we can not only give but become a philanthropist.

Najeeb Khan
Co-Founder & CEO

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